Each month, RxAmerica runs a detailed analysis of the utilization data to verify and summarize actual savings realized by Arizona residents participating in the program. These reports confirm that the Arizona CoppeRx Card® Prescription Discount Program is, in fact, producing significant savings for enrolled members. Although the total savings vary from participant to participant, on average, our members save more than $12.00 per prescription. Some of the key savings statistics are listed below.

Key Savings Statistics from January 1, 2003 through July 7, 2007

Average Percent Savings Off the Regular Prescription Price

  • For Brand Name Drugs - 15.3%
  • For Generic Drugs - 41.7%
  • Average savings across all prescriptions - 24.2%

Average Savings Per Prescription

  • $12.89

Total Dollar Savings to Participants

  • Over $16 million

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