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How to Order?

Using RxAmerica's Home Delivery pharmacy is easier than ever!

RxAmerica offers a full line of prescription services through the mail. Home Delivery is a convenient way to order maintenance medications, and have them delivered to your home or office. Maintenance medications are used in the treatment of chronic conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, heart conditions and diabetes, to name a few. Home Delivery offers you the opportunity to submit your prescriptions by mail, or have your doctor fax in your prescriptions. The prescription is then processed and delivered directly to you. Many insurance plans allow reduced co-pays when ordering a 90-day supply from Home Delivery. Check with your insurance carrier, or employer, for details.

What is Home Delivery? - Home Delivery is a highly automated prescription fulfillment facility. The computer controlled system accurately and efficiently directs the filling of each prescription. Registered pharmacists perform several quality checks to assure that each prescription is dispensed exactly as written by your doctor. The efficiency of the fulfillment system, along with our bulk purchasing power, enables RxAmerica to offer Home Delivery prescriptions at a very economical price.

Talk to Your Physician - Your prescriptions will be filled for the exact quantity prescribed by your physician. With this in mind, ask your physician to write your prescriptions for a 90-day supply with the appropriate number of refills. Discuss with your physician, the possibility of prescribing a generic medication. Utilizing quality generic medications may reduce your health care costs.

Advantages of Home Delivery

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Savings
Quality - A registered pharmacist handles every prescription in a confidential and professional manner. Each order undergoes several quality checks to ensure accuracy and quality. All prescriptions are screened for potentially adverse drug-drug and drug-disease interactions. The quality, safety, and confidentiality of your health care treatment are standard services.

Convenience - Home Delivery is the perfect answer if you have limited mobility or are simply too busy to wait at a retail pharmacy. RxAmerica enables you to order at your convenience and receive prescription medication without leaving your home. Think of the time you will save!

Savings - With our competitive prices, Home Delivery is an economical way to order maintenance medications. Some insurance companies offer a reduced rate when a 90-day supply is ordered. Check with your insurance carrier, or employer, for details.

Generic drugs may be substituted when authorized by your physician. Discuss the possibility of generic medications with your doctor. Your health care costs may be reduced through the use of generic medication.